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My whole life I would say I live on the edge. Not in a daring way, but in an anxious way. I always struggle with slowing down and living more presently in moments.

This realization has come to me within the last year. I've learned to appreciate the small things. For example, my neighbor bought me a small pumpkin for my front porch while she was at the pumpkin patch. It is not about the physical pumpkin. It's about how even though she and I live share walls, I do not see her every day and that was a way of her showing she’s thinking about me.

I've learned these small things have given me the appreciation of succeeding in having a fulfilling life. It also has taught me to not compare myself to others but to help them and give smiling efforts.

The picture above was all my Mom's favorite "small things" or as my family and I always called it "trinkets and treasures". Most of the items pictured don't have monetary value, but sentimental value. I look at these things and express gratitude because these small pieces of paper meant so much to my mom. This part of my mom showed me to stop and appreciate what's around you.

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